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Originally posted by OWA
Yeah, that was what I was going to bring up. They don't have to be the same. Halo has the 30 fps cap that is supposed to make the game play smoother (more consistent) but you can still set your refresh rate to 85hz or whatever you want.
This misses the entire point that you cannot get a true render performance test at anything over 60 FPS. The halo frame lock is different, on top of which on the PC version it has a setting to sync with the refresh rate.

This is what you guys need to see...

Game runs at 60 tics. Meaning that a new frame is generated and rendered 60 times in one second. Never any more than 60 times in one second.

Say you set your refresh rate for 120hz.. . the game is still "ticking" away at 60. Thus (simplified) the video card is simply rendering every frame 2 times. In turn then... at 120hz the drivers could know to simply cache every second frame posting 120 FPS while really only rendering 60 actual new game frames. Say the Vsync is disabled and the card Runs free. It is a little more complex but Clever Driver guys could still "optomize" for it if you see what I mean.

This would be especially true in a repeatable "Timedemo1" type situation.
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