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Default Re: Official Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thread

This is ridiculous, but I'm going to cancel my preorder at Amazon and get the one from GoGamer. This will be my third preorder for this game.

I originally got it from Gamestop just to get the beta, then I got it from Amazon for $56 with fast shipping so that it would arrive on release day, but I just started a second job and there is absolutely no way that I'm going to have time to play this next week. I might as well just order from GoGamer and save myself $13.

What a pain in the ass I am...

EDIT: oh... it appears amazon has dropped the price of the game to $45. So, that's not too bad I guess. It'd probably take 10 days to get it with GoGamer's dirt cheap shipping. I think it'd be worth $8 to get it on release day, just in case I have time to play it.
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