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Im really confused about the 60fps cap, I really can tell the diffrence between a game running at 60fps and 100, but if JC says its ok then i guess so heh.

But what he could be talking about is for collision detection (physics engine) and stuff like that, because it could insantly predict what frame an object should hit a wall or other object, not guess.

And on another note, it dose seem that all id based games use FPS for alot of things, im not sure why but they do example.

In Quake 2 Expert CTF McKinly Revial

Anyways, everyone can hook out of the sniper area in the middle, but its harder to get back in. but if you bind a key to use the hook and set max fps at 5 anyone with a bit of skill can fit though the small space witch is pritty much imossible with out the little secret.
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