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Default nvidia-190.53-2.6.33.patch has a bug in it

I posted a bug report on Gentoo's bugzilla a while ago regarding getting the 190.53 drivers to work with kernel 2.6.33 and also posted the patch from here that allows the drivers to work with that kernel version.

Apparently, there is a logical error in the patch that a very clever person caught. Here is the bug report:

I attached the updated patch to the bug report. Anyone running with it will probably want to reinstall their nvidia drivers using the fixed patch, otherwise, they will risk strange things happening when the driver interacts with ACPI.

I probably should have done something about this when Yuval Hager pointed out the issue (or caught the issue myself by actually reading the patch), but I am an undergraduate computer science student and this is all new to me, so I thought it was best to leave such things to more experienced people. Despite that, no one has acted upon this and the 2.6.33 kernel was released yesterday, so I am doing something about it now.
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