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Default Re: VDPAU feature set C MPEG2 artifacts on corrupted streams (for eamiller)

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
igadmile, you have a "VDPAU feature set B" GPU, not a "VDPAU feature set C" GPU, so your problem is different.

Anyway, please can you upload the clip(s) to the nvidia file drop described in the VDPAU sticky post; I'm blocked from accessing file-sharing sites at work.

Two clips are uplaoded: "example_video.mp4", and "example_video2.mp4" (the stream was recorded in .m2t format, but was edited and exported as .mp4).

The stream recorded by Kaffeine, and then reproduced in Windows looks different than in Linux. It looks just like the signal is low, so I uploaded "example_video3.m2t".
In conclusion: the "example_video.mp4" and "example_video2.mp4" represent the problem as I see it, and "example_video3.m2"t is just recording of a stream.
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