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Thumbs up Acer 8940g 250m GTS downclocking:


I have the Acer 8940g with the 250m GTS. It's brand new (not even a week old).


I seem to have performance problems sometimes, it happens without any tasks running in the background, as well when tasks are running - doesn't make a difference. Windows 7 is up 2 date as well as other built-in hardware.

Example of the problem:

When playing, for example World of Warcraft (happens with ALL my other games as well), then my performance drops sometimes - not always - (happens at random like it seems) by 50% and I can only get it back to normal with restarting the PC.

What I have done so far and what I think could be wrong:

I couldn't update the drivers past 187.xx, because the 250m GTS isn't supported by the off. NVIDIA drivers - WHY?!

I checked the GPU under load (WoW) with CPU-Z when the performance drop accured. I will attach screenshots to this thread in order to show what I mean. The clockrate, memoryspeed and shader speed dropps and stays like that untill reboot. As soon as I reboot my computer the speed is up to normal again for hours and hours. What could be causing this?

NVIDIA Drivers 187.66 are installed. I need to know for sure before I go and bring this thing back. It's bad enough not beeing able to update drivers on your own and therefor depending on Acer to do so (tech. support said MAYBE in June/July), but it's worse that the card is downclocking for some reason - even in high performance mode (Win7).

Thank you. If you need more information, please do tell. I will be checking this reg. within the next 48 hours, you guys are my last hope.


Performance DROP and clockrates CPU-Z:

Back to NORMAL after reboot CPU-Z:

The way the game runs when performance is stable and at full power (60fps stable all the time):
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