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Default Re: nVidia unveil at Pax East

As I have little time I'm going to use google translate. If something is not understandable I'll try to explain better in english but as I said before my english writing skills are terrible It's not that much info but it is very reliable ! And I'm already happy because Charlie is wrong on the 5% marge

Source :


Bit-tech link, I can partially confirm. I talked Nvidia today, and they really wanted nothing to say on GF100, but wanted to refer to Jensen's statements, that Fermi would make an impact in may. That was about all video cards, by and between the words, with a hint there, the PR man also referred to derivatives, or mainstream cards. He further said that we might be surprised about the availability of the GTX 470 and GTX 480. Great Speech or not, that's what he said. They are "cautiously optimistic". They don't know what AMD has up its sleeve, but the benchmarks would be positive, and faster than Charlie's claimed 5%.



Tech Report link, I can partly false. Also there has been discussion, and there would not be privileged partners, because then it would be no end. The PR man sounded quite serious, so I do not think there really are privileged partners.
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