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Default sgfxi nvidia installer script: Debian, Ubuntu, (Arch, Fedora working?)

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to go for Arch and Fedora support as well as the relatively recent Ubuntu support I added to the long time Debian graphics installer script.

After a few hiccups and bumps, like the recent /generated/ thing with new kernels (which nVidia has already fixed in new beta, I'm happy to see), sgfxi is ready to go for anyone who wants to give it a try.

detects card type and generation
assigns proper driver type based on that
applies patches if required automatically
removes all previous drivers found, including fglrx
creates an xorg.conf file if it's missing
downloads and installs driver version
cleans up a bit
updates xorg.conf to use that driver, and some basic options for it.

Logs of actions go to: /var/log/sgfxi/sgfxi.log so you can check what happens.

Driver options:
standard: sgfxi - downloads latest current driver for your card
distro packaged: sgfxi -d - installs your distro's packaged version (formerly -s)
sgfxi -N [nouveau|radeonhd|radeon -- and more] - installs xorg drive
sgfxi -n - installs xorg driver for intel, nvidia, ati (intel/nv/ati)

See sgfxi -h for full options
see sgfxi -L d for currently supported drivers
see sgfxi -L n for nvidia support

bugs and issues, use the script forums please.

I was hesitant to announce this, but what the heck, who cares.

Remember, this is free software, and although it's used about 100k+ times a year currently, there are no guarantees.

Arch and fedora support should be considered beta at this point.

sgfxi is the default gfx installer tool in AntiX, is the recommended tool in MepisLovers forums and wiki, and of course has been running for Debian since early 2006.

Script Installation Instructions and Manual

Known issues: with legacy drivers and the new kernel header path /generated/ the drivers will not install correctly, but I'm sure that issue will be fixed fairly soon in coming legacy driver installers from nvidia.

Anyway, if this is useful for anyone out there, great. Post bug reports on the script forums.

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