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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480

I will get my numbers right in a little while I meant a HD5970 or two HD5870x2 and do you think running two HD 5850 in crossfire will be faster then one GTX 480,Sorry about all my confusion of numbers.If I can get two HD5850 running in crossfire and overclocked to 825/1.2G(4.8g effective) for about $ $560 ,would'nt it be faster and more cost effective then one GTX 480 for around $700,that is if you can find one.This is just my opinion.I would love for the GTX 480 to be as fast as a HD5970 for $700.I can see why they want release the clocks for the GTX 480 in two ways ,one if they release them,because then ATI can just hurry up a board with a overclocked HD5870,But I also think if nvidia card was that much faster then they would'nt mind releaseing the numbers,so I think the 5% to 10% faster then a HD5870 sounds about right.But I could always be wrong.I just think ATI has won this round at least until a die shrink or nvidia remakes a card,but it has always been that way Nvidia will be on top for two or three years and then it will turn around and ATI will be on top for a couple of years.It does'nt manner to me I just want the card that is the most cost effective.I never really had any problems with nvidia or ATI drivers.I like the layout of nvidia better ,but that because I have been useing nvidia the most here lately.But I do hope they have more cards for launch then I have been hearing,because if they don't have but 8,000 to 10,000 boards then very few people will be able to get one.
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