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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480

Originally Posted by lee63 View Post
You mean will the GTX480 out perform ATi's dual card the HD5970...right ? anyway I don't think it will, I would be first in line for two even if it matched it.

The numbers don't add up to that conclusion:

512 shaders at 1.5 terraflop single precision and 750 Gigaflops dual precision.
48 Rops,clocking in at 34 Gigapixels/sec(at 725 Mhz).
64 texture units at 46 Gigatexels(at 725 Mhz).
384 bit bus with about 200 GB/sec of memory bandwith.


3200 shaders (1600 per GPU) for 5 terraflops single precision and 1 terraflop dual precision.
64 Rops,clocking in at about 46.4 Gigapixels/sec total.
160 texture units at 116 Gigatexels total(bilinear filtered,half that amount in FP 16)
256 bit bus X 2,for 256 GB/sec of memory bandwith in total.

I'm fully aware that crossfire will never scale to 100% even in the best case,but you're asking Fermi to basically do more performance wise,while having a lot less to work with in terms of hardware resources,so it would have to be a lot more efficient overall in the overall architecture to even think of pulling that off,regardless of the theoretical maximums being a lot lower.

To put it into perspective,neither card has enough memory bandwith to get even close to hitting the maximum fillrate that the GPU's themselves are theoretically able to produce...Just as an example.
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