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Arrow Re: Acer 8940g 250m GTS downclocking:

Hello, thank you for responding. Yes, the laptop is always connected to the wall. I never take it out on cell, it`s more a desktop replacement for me. I had my desktop pc, a very powerful one, but I needed something smaller but not too small. I thought this would be perfect.

About the details, yeah, I've tried that as well. When the performance drops like that, and stays, even lowering details helps minimal to none. The downclock is just too much. I took WoW as an example because that game is not demanding. Usually I get 60fps on high-ultra there - even on 1080p but when that random drop appears, it`s like 20-35fps maximum on all games that had 60fps+ before.

Problem is I`m from Europe/Germany and the vendor doesn't seem to see any reason to take this back, unless I can prove something is wrong with the hardware, which is. What good is a nice and fast enough 250m gts if I can't get the max. out of it.

I remember my Toshiba Laptop with 2x8600m gt never had any problem like this, I guess your right, some work out and some do not. Anyway, the sooner we find out what this is, the better. I can see him saying those "2 weeks to return the laptop" are over and then I am screwed.

I was thinking of going for the Qosmio series this time but that one has the 250m GTS as well.
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