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Thumbs down Re: Acer 8940g 250m GTS downclocking:

I called Acer today.

Yet again I had to wait 45min in the waiting line ( I called 5min after they opened up support today and all lines were already busy the robot of the future said so -,-). Yesterday it was two hours and the day before that it was 2:30h waiting. The support is very friendly , but man, they sure let you wait AND pay (0,99 Euro/Min once you get someone on the phone).

Anyway, she told me to update my BIOS, but told me by doing so I would be doing it on my own risk and that it isn't covered by Acer if something goes wrong, whatever...

I did it and it didn't change a thing. I just had the same problem right now, wanting to logg in a bit in to WoW. So, now she said I would have to wait 1-2 days for the higher level prof. tech. support to contact me. 1) I bet it is going to take far more time then 1-2 days 2) I doubt they will have a solution and 3) I forgot this one.

This just sucks...

THE duck.
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