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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Vorgus View Post
IN the US, ATSC 1080i should be ~ 60 fields, 30fps.

Bringing up femon on a 1080i channel, it says
Codec: Mpeg-2
MPEG-2 decoding is far less complex than H264 decoding: Every Nvidia VDPAU hardware (except feature set A with very slow CPU, I am speaking about my P3 500) easily succeeds in decoding MPEG2 1080@60 video without skipping frames. I found some uploaded (Asian) TV content that is H264 1080@30 and also decodes without skipping frames on feature set A, B and C hardware.
I still claim that does not work for H264 1080@60 for any current Nvidia VDPAU hardware (but I may be wrong).

Carl Eugen
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