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Default Re: Help! Im getting a Disk Boot Failure

FYI: On one of my mainboards, the sata connectors worked like the old IDE primary master/slave and secondary master/slave. With 2 drives you want primary master and secondary master, not primary master and slave.

So let's say I had 4 sata ports to connect to for the sake of argument (1, 2, 3, and 4). If I connected my hard drive to 1 and my DVDRW drive to 2...they shared a channel with the hard drive as master and the DVDRW as slave, and I always had issues with my disks. CD's locked up when reading, my hard drive would simply stop/lockup until launching anything that was not already in memory would just stall forever. I would reboot and it would behave as if the hard drive were corrupted "No disks found", etc. Power down and unplug-replug the power supply then reboot and it was fine again.

If I connected the hard drive to 1, skip 2 and connect the DVDRW to 3, one was on channel 1 and the other channel 2 (both as master) and never had another problem. It took me months to figure that one out. In theory it should not have even been a problem. In was a huge problem until I figured out what was going on.
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