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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce GT 220 + Ubuntu 9.10 = No audio over HDMI?

Originally Posted by rp_linux View Post
When I add "disable snd_hda_intel" in blacklist.conf, alsa says there is no sound device. My onboard audio uses intel audio which also uses snd_hda_intel.
You definitely don't want to blacklist snd_hda_intel; it's a required module which provides the base HD audio functionality.

Originally Posted by rp_linux View Post
I see this note in the wiki

Can someone suggest any specific changes that I may need to apply?

Not successful in disabling on-board audio using BIOS. "DEL" key doesn't work, it is a powerspec N101 PC. Is it possible it was locked by my system integrator?
Did you have problems with the basic sound.conf configuration? I have not disabled onboard audio, so the wiki instructions are set up for that (since I wrote them ).
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