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Default Re: nvidia driver very unstable on gtx260m

Originally Posted by wiresquire View Post
Oh, cool! So that makes it OK!!! Awesomeness!

I bought this (very) expensive piece of hardware, tested it. Found that one problem with it and "knew" based on my experience that nvidia would fix it in a reasonable timeframe. I did tons of work for testing, sent it to linux-bugs@nvidia at least 4 times including details + a link to this thread with updated details. I haven't even gotten a "we're looking into it" in over 7 months

I currently have a choice between:

* The 180.x driver, which is slow
* Any newer driver on 64bit which does not work for SLI.
* The nouveau driver, which doesn't have power management. What I use currently, but I have a quite serious headache and I've had it for some time.

Any nvidia driver at this point is limiting my ability to do my work. So I'm stuck during long hours with smashing headaches. I've considered trying to return it or sell it a 100 times by now, but fact is I can't afford not using it at this point.


PS: Thanks for teaching me how to get some attention! Hope you don't mind plagiarism!!
I realize that you think you've just "burned" me, but I'd support you bumping your own thread like mad to keep it on the front page. Fact is letting it fall to page 42 helps you VERY little, and when potentional nvidia customers look on this web page they don't see the issues that arn't fixed.

On a side note your on new drivers missing SLI, while I can't keep X up for more than 30 minutes without random restarts. The issues are hardly comparable. Your asking for a feature improvement while I'm having massive stability issues.
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