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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Enrico_be View Post
* Asus may show Dual GPU Fermi on Compute 2010.


If what they think it could imply is correct, then yes a single GTX 480 could be faster or at least come close to a HD5970

Nah,ROG cards like that custom HD 5970 asus is going to release are likely limited edition cards,as they use their own PCB and power regulation circuitry,not to mention 4GB of ram and even 3 PCI-e power connectors....Basically a card that has no chance in hell to pass the PCI-e consortiums 300 watt power consumption limit needed for mass volume production.

These cards are for people like Sampsa,Kinc and all the other extreme high end users that are aiming to break benchmark records and are backed by hardware companies in order to be finance this very expensive hobby,and they'll buy a pair of these,likely costing the same as the GTX295 MARS cards did,strip the cooler than comes with it,and overvolt to hell and use liquid nitrogen cooling to keep temperatures under control and see what they can really do,even if only it's 5 minute runs.

Whatever the real answer ATI has for Fermi,has to be much more affordable and pass the PCI-e power standard limit at the very least for mass production...Assuming they need to do it of course,but the good thing is that it seems Nvidia will finally unveil the actual clock speeds for Fermi at Cebit afterall,so we can get a better idea then.

Whatever happends with Fermi in terms of performance,at least it'll go into the guiness world record book as the most drawn out launch in history...
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