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The effects of a monitor set to 60 Hz are very noticeable. I don't want to become physically ill while playing a game.
I meant the jerky effect you'll get if you dont run your monitor at the same speed as the game tic timer will be barely noticable. I agree 60hz suck. I wont use anything less than 85hz.

As to whoever said 29.XX would be enuff is wrong. The way film is created allows this, because of the blur created by the actual film process. Digitally created frames in games have no such thing. Each frame is completely independant of the others, and current blur techniques leave much to be desired.

I work on console games, and the difference between 30hz and 60hz is amazing. It really is soo much better, not just from visual reason, but because your input is sampled soo much faster as well, making it feel less laggy.

But I'd prefer something higher than 60hz.
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