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Default Re: Official Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thread

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
I've done quite a bit of reading of people's posts about why they think that it's okay to "try before they buy" in this way.

Some now say that pirating is the only way left for PC gamers to insure that they get a quality product.

Some say the developers really don't care if their title is pirated or not, and seem to cite personal (in-person, LAN party) experiences with the developers actually provide the resources to obtain an illegal copy.

Some utilise their sense of entitlement to justify their actions, thinking that if they already ordered the game, then they should be able to play any copy. They slip past analogies and con themselves into unrighteousness.

Look, this game HAS leaked. There are videos and screenshots available off-site. If that's your persuasion, then go for it. Don't bring it here.

If we need to talk more about piracy, start a new thread about it, where we may be able to discuss the finer points of all sides of the argument. Don't clog up this one though. This is about a possibly great game that releases in a few days, that a lot of people are paying for, that a lot of people will enjoy.

Let's keep it about the game, while honoring MikeC's site ethics.

I just want to say this about the whole situation. I had no intention of buying this game, absolutely NONE! I played the MP beta and I hated the MP beta, I mean with a passion.

Fast forward post leak.

I just pre-ordered it on Steam. +1 sale EA/DICE.

There should ALWAYS be a demo. The lack of demos before a game launches just shows the lack of confidence in these game developers - or - they don't want you too see what a POS their game is before you buy it.
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