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Default Re: Installed Ram Shows 4GB and it says 2.5GB are usable

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
you are talking about totally different "issues"

integrated graphics actually use part portion of ram, how it uses depends on manufacture and how much you set it in bios (if there is option)

example server 2008 R2 64bit with onboard geforce 8200, takes about 130mb of ram

which is accurate,

if your statement would be true, i would be missing over 1.8gb (that included dedicated memory 128mb that is set in bios + shared memory)

problem with 32bit system is that it can only address 4gb of memory, total memory that includes ram, graphics memory.

again your problem was with 32bit OS
ok so if I install 64bit that would allow my system to use close to the 4 GB and at the same time not being affected by how much ram my graphics card has as a total of 4GB and that way it able to manage more ram and not have the 4GB limit for the 32bit operating system?.....but what happened to the rest on my ram and qhys is it going went initially from 3GB to 2.50 Usable ???

Thanx for the reply guys
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