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Default Re: Official Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thread

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
Look, this game HAS leaked. There are videos and screenshots available off-site. If that's your persuasion, then go for it. Don't bring it here.
No, don't go for it. Pirating in this way should be DESPISED, people who do it should be called out as impatient thieves. That is the point.

Go to a fan forum for almost anything but video games and people who admit to these things are bashed endlessly and forced to leave. Video game forum? People are like "shhh, do what you have to do, but keep quiet."

Ridiculous. It is killing our format, KILLING it. It should be reviled, it should be despised, it should be said at every freaking opportunity "dude that is not cool, here is why, stop what you are doing, the community does not accept this."

Why it is not like that on video game forums I have NO idea. All these people doing this crap also complain about DRM, about console ports, about no patches, and THEY are contributing to ALL of that.

Annoys me to no end.
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