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Default Re: Official Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Thread

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
I just want to say this about the whole situation. I had no intention of buying this game, absolutely NONE! I played the MP beta and I hated the MP beta, I mean with a passion.

Fast forward post leak.

I just pre-ordered it on Steam. +1 sale EA/DICE.

There should ALWAYS be a demo. The lack of demos before a game launches just shows the lack of confidence in these game developers - or - they don't want you too see what a POS their game is before you buy it.
I'm glad you're buying the game but the fact is games with demos get pirated as much or more than games without demos, it has not much at all to do with it. The core fact is that a lot of people want things for free and a lot of people have no patience to wait and see, or wait for release, or wait for impressions.

The simple fact is there are endless walkthrough videos of the game in singleplayer, endless reviews, endless player feedback. You did not need to steal the game to see what it was like, you should not be on those sites, in the know of that sort of thing in the first place.
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