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I'm glad you're buying the game but the fact is games with demos get pirated as much or more than games without demos, it has not much at all to do with it. The core fact is that a lot of people want things for free and a lot of people have no patience to wait and see, or wait for release, or wait for impressions.

The simple fact is there are endless walkthrough videos of the game in singleplayer, endless reviews, endless player feedback. You did not need to steal the game to see what it was like, you should not be on those sites, in the know of that sort of thing in the first place.
I have to disagree and we usually agree Some of my favorite games were ones that everyone else hated. Reviewers and other gamers. I find my taste is different than most peoples and I can really only know after playing a game so waiting for "impressions and reviews" would not have turned me. Its a shame that we don't see more demos BEFORE the game releases, I've wasted a lot of money on games that I never got into and didn't play more than a few minutes only to shelf it.

Also, I've gotta be honest it's got nothing to do with people wanting things for free. Most people just want their purchase to be worth the money. Sure, there are people that will just pirate to pirate but you know what? Those people wouldn't buy the game anyways so it's not really a lost sale. On the other hand I had no intent on buying this game, but now have, so say what you want they just made $60 more than they would've if the game launched yesterday.

Videos, walkthroughs, etc just didn't have the same effect. I saw them, I still wasn't buying the game.

I hate to say it - but this is one of those times that a developer made a sale because of a leak. You can condone it all you want, the fact of the matter is they just sold one more copy they otherwise would not have. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying they may sell more copies because of this (I want patches, maybe MP, developer support now, etc).
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