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Default SLOW 1 gbit LAN nforce 650i

hello, i have problem with my on board LAN device (Asus p5n-e sli motherboard - nforce 650i):
1 Gbit/s (nVidia), PHY Marvell 88E1116

This problem appears only in Windows 7 (64bit).
In linux when i copy files to my Linux FTP server connected with 1gbit switch - everything is fine, i cna copy with full speed of 1 gbit.
In Windows 7 when i connect to my Linux FTP server also connected by with 1gbit switch.
Transfer speeds are about 50 mbit/s
(also when i connect FTP server and my desktop computer with windows 7 to 100mbit swich - i have about 50 mbit/s speed)

I've installed many versions of Lan driver, i also disabled autotuning, tried many options in properties if this device and still i have about 50mbit/s !!!

In windows in adapter settings under STATUS menu i see that Connection speed is set to 1.0 Gbps.

I thing that this is Driver issue under windows 7
I also have newest BIOS on my asus p5n-e sli (with older bios'es the issue was the same)
But in linux everything works fine. Any suggestions ??
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