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Default Re: Nvidia GeForce GT 220 + Ubuntu 9.10 = No audio over HDMI?

Originally Posted by neosmatrix View Post
I now managed to get my HDMI working. I have an Zotac GT220 1GB Passiv and I modified and attached the Patch. I appreciate if someone could look over the changes I made.
Your changes to patch_nvhdmi.c don't actually do anything, as you've not introduced any new execution paths, except for selecting the enum. Since the enum is only used in choosing the four execution paths where you added the new member, it doesn't do anything.

That leaves the modifications to hda_intel.c, which were in my original patch until I realized that they too did nothing, since the previous member of the array will hit all nVidia products.

So as far as I can tell, your modifications aren't doing anything new beyond the latest version of the patch from my repository. Back up what you've done, start from a clean pull of ALSA, and try again with the patch mentioned in the wiki. There's no reason that it shouldn't work if your mods do, and if for some reason there is a difference, it would help to figure out why.

Thanks for the effort!
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