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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by crisalide View Post
(Playing on a 60Hz screen)
A:  14.7 V:  14.6 A-V:  0.029 ct:  0.077   0/  0  1% 101%  0.7% 723 0
While I only get 74 frames/s from qvdpautest with the data file you provided on a G210, latest svn (your version is rather ancient) drops slightly less than 700 frames on my system (and I get no error messages, no matter if I use -demuxer mov or -demuxer lavf).
Do we agree now that (typical) 1080 H264 videos can not be decoded (and, of course, shown) at 60fps (at least with our GT220/G210)? Or is the xine implementation so much better performing?

Carl Eugen
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