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Default 96.43.14: segfaults

Problem is per the subject of this posting. The segfault occurs shortly after the GART is initialized.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz attached: the included Xorg.0.log was generated with "-logverbose 9".

Kernel is 2.6.33.
Xorg server is 1.6.3 dated 2009-7-31 (latest version for Slackware 13.0).
Motherboard is a Tyan S1590S (Trinity 100 AT) with a K6-III/450.

There's a question in my mind as to whether MTRRs are working correctly on my K6-III/450: the kernel folks periodically break things for older CPUs for lack of a test platform :-(.

HELP!! I haven't had a working "nvidia" X11 driver for nearly a year now, and while the "nv" driver is getting better, it's nowhere near as efficient as the proprietary driver (when that's working correctly) on my system.
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