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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Iruwen View Post
Maybe it's also about energy consumption, though this doesn't seem to be an issue for many people:
Heh- I'd say if you're going to throw out energy conservation as a reason, you should turn off the gaming computer and play some checkers or cards. It's kind of weak to say "Brand X uses 50 less watts! I am saving the Earth!" When you're already totally wasting a a couple hundred watts to play a video game anyway.

That's like me saying "I drive a 5.3l Silverado, but I'm doin' my part for the environment and conserving fossil fuels by keeping my tires fully inflated and a clean air filter in it!".
I'm still getting 14mpg driving around town, so I'm not exactly Joe Ecology.
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