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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
The PhysX games I have are Cryostasis, Darkest of Days, Batman Arkham Asylum, Dark Void, Unreal Tournament 3, GRAW2, Warmonger,and Mirrors Edge.

Cryostasis is playable with PhysX on if you have a good system and a dedicated PhysX card.

That's eight games I own that are made a lot better by PhysX effects, not an insignificant number. And of course more are in development as we speak.

I don't know why anyone would lock themselves out of PhysX by purchasing an ATi card at this point. It's clear developers are using PhysX to take their games to the next level, why would anyone want to be stuck with the same ol' same ol'?

Just a few short weeks now until people really will only have price as a reason to buy ATi cards, because NVIDIA cards will be doing everything ATi cards do, and so much more. I'd be surprised if ATi sells a 58XX card in March, or many thereafter.
Oh hey, PhysX, what a wonderful topic

Good thing Nvidia crapped all over it's own customer's who purchased Nvidia cards and were planning to use a secondary card as their PhysX card, only to find out that they HAVE to now use Nvidia primary cards only

And once again, I miss ChrisRay's comments on this and other boards At least with him you knew he wasn't a shill and actually cared about the community.

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