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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Fotis View Post
You've said it yourself Rollo.
Physx takes a HUGE hit on your frames and you have you own a very strong rig to full enjoy the not so impressive effects.Physx is mainly for enthusiasts so it probably wont become popular.And mind you this is coming from someone who is using a Physx card and has played Batman and Cryostasis.

I'd personally prefer the huge performance hit taken with Physx be tranfered to making a game with better shader and texture effects.

He just doesn't get that unified standards always win out to make software using a particular feature a lot more popular,and was bragging that he's got 8 games using that feature so far,while GPU accelerated physics has been supported by Nvidia for about 2 years now,as ageia was bought out by Nvidia in february of 2008,and PhysX is based on the Novodex Physics API anyhow....

Then Add that the driver support for the original Ageia physics processor is no longer available,and it was a better physics processor than using Nvidia GPU's,or that Nvidia also doesn't allow the use of an ATI graphics card with an Nvidia GPU backing that up for physics either.

And in the end,it's not about using physics in games anymore,it's about using physics in games while being forced to use Nvidia hardware for no good reason,trying to make it special,like it has some sort of super secret technology that other graphics cards don't have,and it is backfiring since i don't consider 8 games with GPU accelerated physics a huge success in a 2 year period,and all the major releases that hit or are about to hit retail,haven't bothered with it at all,such as modern warfare 2 or the upcoming batlefield bad company 2 or bioshock 2 or mass effect 2,assassins creed 2,or left for dead series either.
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