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UT2003 hmm interesting graphics but I'm still to see real leawes (sp?) on the trees wiggling with the wind, wasnt the T&L unit in GF256 promising that

Anyway, just wanto open your mind about the taunts in Ut2003; they are childish, or "fjortiss" as we here in norway call it (fourteen-year-old-intelligence). Things like "and stay down," "you bleed better than you shoot" and "next" is cheap and pretty un-intelligent.

Let me compare to the Quake 3 arena (not Team Arena mind you) where they instead talk a little more mature: "I amied for your brain - impossible hit" and "that toe-fungus came up from behind and grabbed me." There are much more and better but I dont remember them, the sad thing is Team Arean stopped this and started using cheap, cheesy and childish taunts like UT and now UT2003. Pitty.
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