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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
What physics are you talking about? You can destroy the scenery in Bad Company 2 but it just disappears. If you blow up a wall there aren't pieces of wall laying around, there is just an explosion effect and a hole.

There really isn't that much going on in the game in the physics area.

Crysis had FAR more physics interactions without having deformable terrain.

The real benefit of Physx comes from visual effects that react realistically but don't effect the game play (since not everyone will have hardware Physx support). It has nothing to do with small numbers of large physical objects reacting because that's easy for a CPU to handle. When you have hundreds of thousands of particle effects bouncing around and interacting with the scenery though, you need to have something similar to a GPU to process it all. Water, smoke, sparks, debris... that is what physx is for.

Crysis and Flatout 2 are perfect examples of what kind of physics a CPU is good at (hundreds of medium to large objects in a scene that actually interact and effect the player's movement), but neither have realistic liquid physics, volumetric smoke or particles that bounce off of the scenery. Things like that are just too much for most CPUs, yet a GT 240 or 9600GT would barely break a sweat if used as a dedicated Physx card.

Oh so physics for you is not the behaviour of the graphics assets and how they react while they're getting destroyed,but also remain on the ground after they've been destroyed as well?....LOL.

If they did that,you'd have to store all that data either within the video card memory or at least,system memory and see the memory requirements for the game shoot thru the roof for both main ram and/or video card memory.
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