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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by crisalide View Post
This sample' duration is ~15 seconds, so it's made of about 15x60 = 900 frames. Dropping 700 frames would mean an average frame displayed rate of 13fps, which would be easily noticeable.
Yes, you are correct that the number is not reliable (VDPAU frames cannot be dropped in MPlayer like software-decoded frames). The important thing, however is that it is not possible to keep A/V sync (for both our G210 and GT220), but that actually the lag gets bigger every second. That is at least for MPlayer svn, I did not test xine.
I will probably not look into this again, the important thing imo is that it is not possible to decode 1080@60 H264 and keep A/V sync (at least for the cards we tested, I don't know about the GT 240).

Carl Eugen
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