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Default Re: Flash acceleration on Linux?

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
I don't think Adobe uses this argument since it would be wrong;-)
VDPAU (and iirc, also VaAPI) allows to copy the decoded frame back into main memory.

Carl Eugen
Wanna bet?

"Why aren't these card supported in Linux? My free software media player support VA-API, VDPAU, and XvBA (the various hardware acceleration APIs)."

Again, say it with me: Flash Player solves a different problem.

In the above depiction of Flash Player's workflow, the video card stands in for the green [Video decoder] box. The key point here is that the decoded video frames need to be accessible by the Player which needs to do its thing before the data can be presented to the user. As of this writing, none of these drivers in Linux allow retrieval of the decoded video data. Their counterpart Windows drivers do allow this which is why this feature is supported in Windows.
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