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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
JC still uses OGL for his code.

Look up the latest id tech 5 engine,which will be used with their next game called rage btw,and they've shown videos of it for the last 2+ years....You might be in for a surprise,as it can run on current consoles(they don't have OpenGL support)

Though you are right that up to their id tech 4 engine,they used OpenGL,but that was before DX10 was even officially released.

Yes, so much so that ATI has added the 3D part to their cards with 10.3 drivers and are STILL working on trying to get an OCL version of GPU based physics out.

They already have openCL drivers available,and yes they're not even beta....I know it's a shocker,and as for physics,there's plenty of options available to make them pretty good....All i know is that i have an i7 CPU right now,which as everyone knows has 4 physical CPU cores and 4 logical ones,so they're capable of handling up to 8 threads at the same time,yet most gaming software doesn't even use half of that,even in the most recent titles,so there's hardware to further improve physics available right there,hence why CPU based physics get used so much more often.

And here's the crazy part,intel are coming out with 6 core/12 thread CPU's,and not just for the very highest end either,and so is AMD with 6 core thuban processors,both of which can be used in current motherboards,and within the coming months,so in practical terms,why would i worry about GPU based physics in the short term at least?

Ah, that has yet to be settled in the courts. Nvidia has i3/i5/i7 based chipsets waiting to be made into silicon and sold based on the out come of that court case. Try not stating things as fact when stuff hasn't been settled yet.
Yup i heard that too,they state they have them in development alright,but given Nvidia's habit of talking alot and not showing much lately,and that trials like these can potentially last years and it's not something solved in weeks or months,i wouldn't hold my breath on that one...Just me though.
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