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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Is that what made you decide to take up marketing? By that I mean your main contribution in the GF100 forums seems to be linking or repeating Charlie D's FUD. So are you ATi staff, or just an amateur?
I'm not in marketing actually,as it requires the single ability to bull**** while keeping a straight face,and source wise,i read many different ones,not just charlie's btw...I'm too old and experienced to get Bull****ted either way basically and let's just say(to put it mildly)the statements you've been making are hardly on an even keel here.

Apparently not. PhysX, 3d Vision, CUDA, AA for UE3 engine games, TWIMTBP, Optimus - all add value to the users experience that people are willing to pay for, and wait for.
PhysX---> closed standard.
CUDA--->Yup,closed standard.
AA for UE3 games----> i can force that thru the control panel anyhow,so you're BS'ing there.
TWIMTBP--->Funny you mention a marketing and developer support program as added value for end users,since there's actually been cases where TWIMTBP games actually performing better with ATI hardware....Not all of them,but a few...

Optimus is the only one that's cool,but that applies to notebook users,not enthusiasts having the most powerfull graphics cards on the market,even 2~3 of them in SLI or crossfire rigs

I imagine as an ATi employee, or fan, these things would annoy you. However, the stuff gets good reviews, and the customers like it, so I'm sure NVIDIA doesn't really care about your opinion. Proof is in the numbers shadow, and I just showed the board links to NVIDIA dominance in 2009. How do you think it's going to go for ATi in 2010 when their products are going to look so very, very plain?

Remains to be seen for guys like you, guys like me have known for a while. If I were ATi, I'd start stocking up on the blue police lights* and red pens. Sales and demand are about to take a dive.

* for those unfamiliar, B&M retailer KMart used to have "Blue Light Specials" on merchandise they were clearancing.

Ah so much talk and still nothing delivered in actual products on retail shelves,and all guys like you can say is "wait a little longer,it'll be wonderfull" till the end of time itself...You do realise that if Fermi doesn't live up to the hype you're painting it to be,you'll bee flamed to hell and and back for it,repeatedly.

At least i talk about products i already own,and guess what,in 2 days time,i'll be playing battlefield bad company,in DX11 mode and using 3 displays,while you'll be still dreaming in technicolor about Fermi's release and supposed dominance...Something to think about right there.
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