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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post

There's no LOL about it,When ATI designed Cypress they also have to keep in mind that Nvidia is there to compete,so the company tries to get the best part it can on the market,but got a huge break when Nvidia simply didn't show up for the fight,and suffered all these delays as an extra bonus for ATI,anyone with half a brain can see that quite clearly....

But of course your 2 DX11 games trump 8 PhysX games, right?

Did ATi give you the cards and monitors for your work here? Can you post receipts with your name/address blurred in the next few hours? If so, I'll leave the "viral" alone and just call you a garden variety troll.

Actually it's more than 2 games as there's also aliens vs predator and battleforge along with Dirt 2 and battlefield bad company 2 of course,and this is with only one company having their DX11 cards out,and it took 2 years,since Nvidia bought Ageia in february 2008,for you to have 8 GPU physics titles...Something to think about when the amount of time is considered,but of course you'll also twist that in some way that benefits your argument somehow.

And no,unlike you,i pay for my hardware and don't have to lick Nvidia's ass all the time....Just so you know.

But honestly, given the work you put into pimping ATi and posting FUD about NVIDIA, I'm kind of doubting it. LMK if you don't have the capability to post the receipts, I'll shoot you my email addy.
I'm a very distant 2nd compared to you in the FUD area mate,and i ask the hard questions,which still haven't been answered and want straight no bull**** answers basically.
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