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Default Re: 180.08 & red checkerboard

To those experiencing this issue:

Unfortunately, we have not had success reliably reproducing this problem. We would like to better understand the problem and get a fix delivered in a future driver release, so it would help if you could all post a nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file so that we have more information about your system configurations (exact GPU model, number and type of displays connected, kernel and X server versions, CPU type and MB chipset, etc.) and perhaps get more insight into under what circumstances this happens and why. The nvidia-bug-report-log-gz can be generated by running "" as root.

Since this is a video playback issue, the following may also help us:

- Version of mplayer and any command line flags used when calling it
- Codecs, resolutions, and framerates of video files used
- If possible, a link to a video file that reliably reproduces this problem (The file must not infringe any copyrights.)

Edit: I have noticed that many of you are reporting this issue against GeForce 8600-series GPUs. Is anybody experiencing this on other hardware?
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