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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

@ Rollo


I'm going to start with your reply to my post about Physx, and I know we've had a talk about you actually reading what people post before you throw caution to the wind and criticize them, their hardware choices and/or sexual orientation.

My statement was to the effect that I would not wait for Fermi due to physx....not that physx wasn't good or that I didn't think much of it, you so kindly added that in. I simply made a point that physx does work with an ATi system, works well and offers people with an older nV card kicking around a use for it along with some eye candy. So in the future if you're going to reply to something I've posted at least do me the courtesy of actually reading what I've written.

Now, market share, you are completely right....AMD has lost market share to nV as of the latest steam survey(which we'll all agree is impartial and represents the actual market at large). What you missed posting that nV's gain in market share was in the lowest of the low performance segments including laptop video and low end GT 2X0 series cards. The most gain being had by the GTS 150 (whatever rebranded 8000 series it happens to be)

AMD on the other hand had the most gains in the highest performance field with the 5700/5800 series.

So what this tells me is....more people who know nothing about computers and are buying the web browsing/banking and facebook machine choose nVidia...(and they probably don't choose it's just that the OEM that built it got a smoking deal on a card that can barely load windows and slapped it in there knowing no one would every check or care, and honestly at this level it doesn't matter what you have for graphics be it Intel, nV, AMD all sucks)

Which means that gamers, enthusiasts etc. (people who actually choose components or build computers themselves) have chosen AMD. AMD is the clear choice right now and will be until March 26/2010...after that things may change.

Now can we please get back on Topic which is about the graphics card performance not feature sets, proprietary APIs, or any other green vs red bull**** that doesn't involve benchmarks or tests by people in the know.
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