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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
2007 -
No plans to support DX and the entire toolset is in OGL.

08 - "Carmack mentioned that the Rage code will mostly be carried over to Doom 4, where the focus will then be mainly on level design and creative aspects."
08 -"MPC: So, you said Rage is a 60Hz game. Is it an OpenGL or DirectX game?
JC: Itís still OpenGL,"

The only thing that says he has switched to DX is a slashdot posting with no link to a direct qoute from JC himself. But yet everything else still says OGL.

I guess we'll know for sure once the game is out.....To be honest,i'm tired of all the videos they've been showing for the past 2+ years,so it's time they got it released by now.

Yes they have drivers, but THEY ARE NOT CERTIFIED DRIVERS. Nvidi has released 4 OCL certified drivers already.

Ahem:'t look beta to me,but what the hell do i know right?

Yes, because in the world of lawyers, one should always show and release a product where the licensing for it isn't settled yet thus opening yourself up to a whole world of suits.
Of course not,but i was mearly pointing out that a long time will pass by the time it does get settled,no matter which side wins,and it's far enough down the line that it shouldn't even be though of as anything that will make Nvidia any money,any time soon.

Hell,given how large intel is,and the huge amounts of money they have,i wouldn't be too surprised if they could buy out Nvidia and their wallet wouldn't even feel the dent,as they are the 800lb gorilla of the industry afterall.
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