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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
1 and 2 are only closed because, ATI refuses to support it.
Actually you are partially right there in that while PhysX is free to use,Nvidia requires those who do to implement it using the Cuda API,to which ATI says no thanks,as direct compute also exists and it's an open standard that works on all vendors....The pesky point i keep bringing up according to rollo.

3, hey, bitch to ATI to get to programming and giving up their own code to be added in a patch. But I guess its easier for you fanATIcs to simply blame Nvidia when they had NOTHING to do with what teh Dev decided to do about the code.
Actually,if you have a non Nvidia card installed,it actually disables AA support within the game itself,while if you do have an Nvidia card,the option is available in game....Seems to me that the game basically detects the card when it first starts and goes from there,but here's the kicker though,ATI GPU's have the same hardware features that Nvidia has regarding AA....There's no difference at all at that level(DX10 cards remember?),so it really is an intentional boost to make Nvidia hardware better artificially.

4. The program is not ment to give Nvidia cards extra added performance. Its there to ensure the game works right without issue when released with Nvidia cards and to fix issues when they arrise for existing games. It is also there to help Devs when they need it.

So is ATI's "The way it's meant to be played program",what's your point?

5. You do realize the point of the tech is so that you could buy a 3g laptop with intel onboard and high added and switch when need seemlessly right? Enthusiasts buy highend gaming laptops, not the general public.

Which usually happends when your not on the move on the laptop and have it plugged into an outlet,not just running on the internal battery anyhow,since if you enable the faster graphics core when running in straight battery mode,guess how fast it'll last on it's charge.

It's a cool feature for sure,but there's still limits here.
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