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Default Re: I know nobody really knows but is a GTX480 going to be faster then a HD5970

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Ah. So as the person who likely accounts for more posts than anyone else in the GF100 forum on the NVIDIA fan site, who just happens to be using $1200 - $1400 worth of ATi cards, and had $1200-$1400 worth of ATi last gen cards, is one of very, very few people on the forums with a costly EyeFinity rig, and spends his time in the GF100 forum posting FUD from Charlie or love letters to ATi, you thought I was "crazy" having it cross my mind you might be an ATi viral marketer?

And that it is even more suspicious you'd spend some hours after the request for receipts trying maintain your charade but you still wouldn't post the receipts?

What's the matter? The guy with $2000+ worth of graphics equipment doesn't have a digital camera, or know how to hit the "prt sc" key? Uh huh.

You're right, it's outside the realm of possibility you're a viral marketer. You could have just posted the receipts in less time than it took you to make the many posts saying you wouldn't.

Hey! You're an old pro at posting FUD for ATi! LOVE your comments about the 2900XTX "monster" <snicker>

LOL,you're getting desperate,searching for a last straw argument that has nothing to do wiith the topic at hand,showing my bills on what i buy is nothing of your ****ing business or anyone elses either for that matter....I showed tons of benchmarks on another thread not that long ago,from my own Photobucket account,and that's enough proof.

As for that thread,and if you read it carefully,which i'm sure you didn't,the main reason why i waited for the card isn't out of loyalty in the least.....It's having bought an Nvidia 7950 GX2 about 4 months before the 8800GTX cards were released,i received about 2 driver updates if you don't include the driver that ships with the card,and then driver support fell off a cliff for 8 solid months there afterwards,as i was using Windows XP 64bit.

I paid 750$ for that card and got **** support driver wise,and say what you will about ATI,they have final non beta drivers released every month,even if you don't own the lastest and greatest card they currently make....**** me over like that an expect that i contiinue being a nice little sheep and support your company and keep on buying your products....I'm not that much of an idiot thanks.

It's no wonder you've already been banned from other forums given your replies so far.
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