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Default Re: SLOW 1 gbit LAN nforce 650i

Originally Posted by tytanick View Post
What is interesting in this issue, that sometimes (very rare) i have real 1gbit transfer via FTP.
Dont know why 98% of the time i have ~50mbit and 2% of the time i use ftp i have 1Gbit !
Try running it with as many processes disabled as possible. I haven't tested it in Windows 7 but in Vista there is a problem caused by WMP where it will dedicate most of your bandwidth to "streaming". It doesn't have to be WMP but it's the easiest to verify with. If I copy a file without WMP open I get 80% of the gig connection. Open WMP and it slows to like 10%. I believe there is a thread for the setting in the Networking subforum. It's possible a piece of software you use is tripping this setting.
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