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Default Re: VDPAU feature set C MPEG2 artifacts on corrupted streams (for eamiller)

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
Thanks. I do see that example_video3.m2t looks worse under VDPAU than software decoding. I do see some corruption even with software decoding, and error messages from ffmpeg, which all indicate that the stream is partially corrupt. I'm not sure how much there is we can do about this on your particular GPU. However, I'll file a bug and investigate whether we can improve this.
Thanks for the reply.

Can you explain to me what would exactly partially corrupted stream mean?

Where is the problem? Because, the stream with the same stick and same antenna is reproduced perfectly in Windows. And stream recorded in Windows is reproduced pefectly in Linux too. Also, the stream is reproduced perfectly on laptop with Intel graphics on Linux, with the same antenna and same stick.
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