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Default Re: Sony killswitch is real ALL PS3s just died.

Originally Posted by EciDemon View Post
Yeah, I saw reports too just now

I'm gonna start up my console now and see whats up. Here in sweden it's March 2nd now.

Works fine from what I can tell, I dont have heavy rain yet so i cant try with that.
Got Tekken 6 that installs trophy support up on launch so thats the only thing i can think of to try with, and it too works just fine.

The only thing is, date is one day of, says March 1st, but it's March 2nd here in sweden now.
Yup, more and more people are reporting this is fixed (thank God):

Also re: bolded (as posted in PS3 forums): "My 40GB PS3 is back online as of now, all trophy information is available, nothing lost. The OS Clock was reset to 4/29/2020 and an internet date and time update worked."

My work here is done......
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