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Default GeForce GTX 260M and mplayer+vdpau causes "xv" video output to corrupt

I have a GeForce GTX 260M, and i'm currently running the 195.36.08 graphics driver, though the problem happens on 195/190/185 and i dont know about any earlier...

When I play a video with mplayer and vdpau output, it works like a charm. No problems at all. But when I switch back to using xv video output in any video program (VLC, xine, gstreamer, mplayer, etc) it get really choppy video and eaten up CPU. It doesnt lock X up or anything, But to get video playback back to normal, I have to restart X. Then I can play xv output video no problem unless i used vdpau in the same X session again...

SDL doesnt seem to be affected, and when i get corrupted xv output, i can still play the same video with the vdpau/mplayer and run it fine. So i'm not sure what the problem is. I've had this problem on all versions of mplayer i've tryed in the past several months (both git and svn versions).

I've attached the log, any insight would be great! thanks!
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