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Default Re: FreeBSD-amd64 driver ?

Originally Posted by zander View Post
Not yet, no. FreeBSD/amd64 support fell behind due to Fermi and I don't feel comfortable releasing a new BETA driver until the crash-on-X-shutdown issue is understood. I did find a little bit of time to look at that particular problem last week, but while it's not as elusive anymore as it used to be (I found a way to reproduce it somewhat reliably and believe I have a reasonable idea as to what is happening), it's still unresolved. There also is some menial work to be done as a result of recent release branch transitions.
This is one problem (I do not have it with my NVS-135M). The other one that comes to my mind is the 4Gb barrier problem. Will you resolve it in the next driver release ? I think it would be very interesting to solve it, as 4Gb is a normal amount of memory in nowadays machines.
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