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Post Easy GPU programming with GMAC

GMAC (Global Memory for ACcelerators) is a user-level library that implements an Asymmetric Distributed Shared Memory model to be used by CUDA programs. An ADSM model allows CPU code to access data hosted in accelerator (GPU) memory. In this model, a single pointer is used for data structures accessed both in the CPU and the GPU and the coherency of the data is transparently handled by the library. Moreover, the data allocated with GMAC can be accessed by all the host threads of the program. That makes your code simpler and cleaner. GMAC currently supports programs programmed with CUDA, but OpenCL support is planned.

A paper describing the Asymmetric Distributed Shared Memory model and its implementation in GMAC has been accepted in the ASPLOS XV conference. GMAC is being developed by the Operating System Group at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and the IMPACT Research Group at the University of Illinois.Binary pre-compiled packages, the source code, documentation and examples are available at the project website.

(Isaac Gelado, Javier Cabezas, John Stone, Sanjay Patel, Nacho Navarro and Wen-mei Hwu, 'An Asymmetric Distributed Shared Memory Model for Heterogeneous Parallel Systems', accepted in:Fifteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS 2010), March 2010.)

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