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Default Re: GeForce GTX 260M and mplayer+vdpau causes "xv" video output to corrupt

dankles, can you please perform a little testing:

a) Restart X, run nvidia-settings, look at the PowerMizer page, and post all the information there (or just a screenshot)

b) Run an application that uses Xv, without any issues, and while it's running look at the nvidia-settings PowerMizer page. Which performance level is active?

c) Now run a VDPAU application. Which performance level is active.

d) Now run an Xv application, which I guess will stutter. Which performance level is active.

Finally, you'd mentioned that Xv becomes choppy, but later mentioned corrupted Xv output. I assume that was just a "slip of the tongue", and that you're only experiencing slow (choppy) playback, and not corruption (i.e. when frames are displayed, they look OK, there's just not enough of them).

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