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Default Re: Valve will finally publish games for PS3

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Unless they are trying to slowly migrate away from the PC and more towards consoles where all the money is.

I guess I might be a little paranoid about there not being a lot of support for PCs, as that's the only thing I game on. Getting a console would mean getting a tv- and I just don't have money for that. Don't really watch tv shows, and movies I just watch on my computer- use my computer for all my digital entertainment needs.
I use my computer for everything as well, though I have a decent HDTV to watch stuff on with the woman.

I would not worry about Valve leaving the PC, Steam becomes more and more defacto PC gaming as the years roll on, factor in possible anti-piracy measures in the future and console gaming getting more and more mainstreamed and controlled by large publishers and PC gaming with its indies and smaller companies could boom, especially on Steam.

Also, as someone showed me the other day, if you look at EA and Ubisoft's financial records they make a ton of money from the PC even with piracy, something like 200 million per quarter. No one wants to stop getting that, and cutting down piracy could seriously boost that number.
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